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The Kokoda Youth Foundation receives no government funding and relies solely on donations and sponsorship from generous Australians, just like you.

This may be through participating in our fundraising Kokoda Challenge team endurance events, giving one off or recurring monthly donations to our Foundation, purchasing a Play for Purpose charity raffle ticket, or leaving a gift in your will (a bequest).

Everything we do is for the good of the kids and we would love for you to join us in making a difference in young lives through the Spirit of Kokoda.

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Why Donate to Kokoda Youth Foundation?

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Not only will you be changing the lives of Australian young people, you will be directly contributing to uplifting your own local community.

Our experiential youth programs help local young people gain physical and mental resilience, confidence, and instill in them the values of Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice through the story of the Kokoda Campaign in 1942.

Still relevant today, it is our central mission to reignite these timeless values into our communities.

Each of our youth programs encourage our ‘Kokoda Kids’ to become active members in their local community and educates them on the Indigenous culture and history of Australia, always keeping the legacy for the contributions of our diggers at the forefront.

We challenge the kids’ deeply held beliefs, allow their limits and abilities to be explored, and provide opportunities for growth.

The Kokoda Youth Foundation also runs youth programs dedicated to helping young people stay in the education system, reducing the chance of them falling into systemic unemployment, and helping young people cope with the pressures of digital dependency.

No matter what cause you are drawn to, your donation will be gratefully received and will truly help change young lives and shape the future of your local community.

On the Right Track

It costs $4,100 to put one student through the On The Right Track program to help keep them in the education system.

On the Right Track

It costs $4,100 to put one student through the On The Right Track program to help keep them in the education system.

Kokoda Challenge Youth Program

The annual cost to put 36 kids through the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program and help them build mental and physical resilience is $180,000.

Digital Detox

It costs $2,000 to support a child to participate in mindfulness workshops and experiences in the Digital Detox Program.



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Kokoda Pathways
Program graduate

I learned what my values are, how to be a better person and how to always help others. This program helped me realise what I want to do as a career when I leave school.

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Kokoda Challenge Youth
Program graduate

The Kokoda Challenge Youth Program helped me navigate through many personal challenges as a teenager through pushing me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to achieve things I never thought were possible! The program also equipped me with the tools I needed to transition out of high school and into my next chapter of life.

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On The Right Track
Participant's Parent

This program has given my son the confidence to follow through and complete things. He would now rather go fishing instead of being on his Xbox. He also wants to wake up earlier and is keen for the day rather than sleeping until lunchtime.

Our son loved the opportunity to experience some of the hardship Australian soldiers had to endure, while learning about the Kokoda history, learning to work for others and feeling the benefit of giving back to the community... It taught him to set goals and work towards achieving them, persevere when times seem tough and to work with others towards a common goal... It's a great program

We need funding to continue helping local Australian young people

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We are fortunate to have access to two outdoor education camps and volunteers that help facilitate our youth programs, however there are still costs involved in wages for youth workers and outdoor education facilitators, as well as food and transport.

The number of kids we can enroll into our youth programs depends on how much funding we receive in donations and how many generous volunteers apply to help guide our kids.

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Where your donation actually goes:

$50 will help keep a student invested in their education through our On the Right Track program


$100 will help high school students better choose a career path for their life after graduation through the Kokoda Pathways Program


$250 will contribute to providing cultural and historical experiences for teens to build resilience in the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program


$500 will help kids alleviate their digital dependencies through the Digital Detox Program

One Off or Monthly Donations

Any donation you make to the Kokoda Youth Foundation over $1 is fully tax deductible. You can choose to make a one off donation to go towards a specific fundraiser or donate to KYF directly.

If you would like to be an ongoing supporter of Kokoda Youth Foundation, you can take the price of your daily coffee (or more!) and sign up to a recurring monthly donation. This makes a huge difference to the way we can run our youth programs as we have a much better idea of the incoming funds we will have to work with.

This means we can increase the number of kids we can confidently enroll into our youth programs and helps us change more young lives.

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After looking after the needs of your loved ones, leaving a charitable gift (bequest) can make a huge impact on something you hold close to your heart or that aligns with your values.

You can choose to give an nominated amount of money, a specific gift such as stocks or shares, or a portion of an asset.

The template below can be useful wording for legal purposes.

“I bequeath [the whole/a percentage of/something specific/residue] of my estate to the Kokoda Youth Foundation of 1/26 Central Park Ashmore QLD 4214 for purposes that it shall determine, and this bequest will be free from all duties. The receipt of this bequest by any authorised officer of Kokoda Youth Foundation shall form a valid discharge to my executor.”

Feel free to contact us for any further information about any form of donation or volunteering. We look forward to you joining us in making a difference through the Spirit of Kokoda.


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