On the Right Track

On the Right Track

On the Right Track

On The Right Track

Helping young people stay in the education system

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On The Right Track (OTRT) is a Kokoda Youth Foundation program run with selected rural high schools, targeting grade 8 and 9 students who are disengaged from their education.

This in-school youth program is available to those who are seeking direction and motivation to succeed. They may also be looking to make new friends, looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or simply looking to really challenge themselves and reignite their passion and gratitude for their education and future.

Through a combination of life skill lessons, physical activity, shared success with new friends, and community service over a period of 6 months, these teens will gain skills and confidence to overcome adversity and reignite their motivation for education and personal growth.

OTRT provides local young people with an alternative way to express their feelings in a safe, controlled and nurturing environment, whilst challenging them to break through their pre-set beliefs and personal limits.

Here at the Kokoda Youth Foundation, we passionately believe there is no difference between those who are expected to fail and those who are expected to achieve – except for opportunity and the right support.

As with all of our youth programs, On The Right Track is built around our core values of Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice, while being focused on training for the 48km Kokoda Challenge and then completing six months of volunteer community service. This helps set healthy boundaries and structure for the students to take throughout their lives.

Commitment to, resilience in, and confidence with who you are

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OTRT is a 6 month program that involves the kids taking on weekly training sessions across the first 3 months to prepare for the 48km Kokoda Challenge event which is a transformative experience designed to challenge and change participants – both physically and mentally. 

This peak hiking experience is followed by 3 months of weekly volunteer service to give back to their own local communities. The program requires the students’ full commitment and dedication and they will be rewarded with a life changing outcome, and set up for the rest of their school life and beyond.

Throughout the program, kids are challenged and mentored by volunteer leaders through weekly endurance hikes and volunteer community service to learn the skills that build personal strength and resilience with who they are to help overcome adversity and succeed.

The purpose of doing volunteer community service is so the students form meaningful connections within their own local community. Helping local businesses and volunteer groups with painting, weeding, and cleaning creates active community members and helps create support networks for their future, post school.

Woven through the program is the history of the Kokoda Campaign of WWII and draws on inspiration from our Australian Diggers who faced insurmountable odds and achieved what no one thought was possible. All young people in OTRT are mentored in harnessing the same qualities displayed by the Australian soldiers: Courage, Endurance, Sacrifice and Mateship, otherwise known as the Kokoda Spirit.

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Education is the first step into the future

We also like to keep in touch with all of our ‘Kokoda Kids’ and past program participants, giving them an invaluable network to lean on and countless volunteering and leadership opportunities for further growth.

If you or your school are looking for ways to give students a sense of motivation, purpose and prove the value of continued education, sign up now and develop skills and habits to thrive during your schooling.

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What to expect


Grow with like minded people with similar interests, values and struggles.


Forge relationships with mentors and community connections to lean on into the future.


Bushwalks, training sessions, and physical challenges designed to give you real life experience.


Enjoy the great outdoors without feeling the pressure to document every second on your devices! We encourage you to take time away from your phone and enjoy every moment.


Learn more about different navigation and the environment around you, education opportunities and crucial life skills! You will also gain a deeper understanding of the history of the Kokoda Campaign.


3 months of weekly volunteer community service to learn the value of community, the true meaning of sacrifice and a chance to give back.


Discovering a sense of purpose, forming life skills of responsibility and reliability, developing confidence and learning that you are capable of extraordinary things.

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Donate today or apply to volunteer and join us in making a difference through the Spirit of Kokoda

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